Editing Can Sometimes Feel Like Moving Backwards…

… but is always worth it.

Dismantling major scenes can take longer because the ripples force changes for little areas, both before and after the scene. But it’s a great feeling seeing Ky’kias P3’s quite messy-in-places first draft taking shape into something really, really fun. Can’t wait to hand it over to the beta readers soon.

On an unrelated note, I saw the sneak-peek of the pilot for Jim Gaffigan’s new show, The Jim Gaffigan Show. It will be on TV Land. It was fun. Similar to Maron and Louie, but in some ways a little safer, and in some ways lighter. Only once did I have to get up and watch, like, cringing from the kitchen because of of the awkwardness of a scene. Some Louie episode I just need to pace as I watch to get through, haha. But yeah, can’t wait to see more.