Updates & Excitement

I’m very happy to announce that if you ever feel like heading to my full website, it’s now responsive. In theory, it should look great on laptops, tablets, and phones. It has on all the devices I’ve tested it on so far, but by all means let me know if you notice something wonky. I’m a web design when not writing, and I’ve been meaning to implement a more responsive or fluid design for a long time. I’m happy to finally go forward with it.

Also, I’m about 5 chapters into editing Ky’kias Part Three’s first draft so that I can send it to my beta readers to get the first round of comments. Ky’kias Part Two still needs that cover, but I’m actually working on a cover redesign concept for the series, so that’s a bit on hold. I can be working on the covers some more during the time it takes to get comments. I did recently read through Part Two again and just loved it. I can’t wait to share more about Oran and Glenn’s adventure.

Now, back to editing!

Updates & Excitement

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