#01: Dear Future Self, Starting Things

Dear Future Self,

One day you’re going to look back and find that starting wasn’t as hard as you thought.

That day is not today.

But at least Ky’kias Part Two is finished except for the tricky, tricky, cover. Ky’kias Part Three’s first draft is being edited, and you still love it, which is a good sign. And you think you’ve actually figured out the major change for the last third of Damsel so you can finish that first draft too. Your beta readers are awesome and patient.

Progress is steady. Don’t listen to the voices in your head when they’re just being trolls. And yes, you can listen to Steps by Handsome Ghost another ten times in a row so long as you edit while you listen.

`Love, Past Self

– – – – –

The Chosen of Ky’kias: Part Two Sneak Peek!

“What can you do about it?” The leader cackled, voice so high it might as well have shattered all the glass in the room. He tugged harder, making the woman cry out as he tried to pry the box brutally from her arms.

“Well,” Glenn said, as his fist slammed into the man’s side. The man slumped to the ground, coughing. “The first thing I decided to do was get your hands off that box. With that goal accomplished, how about we talk?”

#01: Dear Future Self, Starting Things

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